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The Location of Paris

Paris is located in a low-lying, bowl-shaped basin in the north-center of France.  The city lines both sides of the Seine River for a length of approximately 8 miles, some 90 miles southeast of the point [about 230 miles by water], at Le Havre, where the Seine flows into the English Channel.   

Many western European capitals are within one to two days drive from Paris.  It is located 250 miles south of London, 188 miles south-southwest of Bruxelles, 654 miles west-southwest of Berlin, 322 miles northwest of Geneve, 891 miles north-northwest of Rome and 815 miles north of Madrid. 

By design, Paris is the transportation hub of France.  The Parisian metropolis is served by the A1, A4, A6, A10, A13, A14 and A15 Auto Routes that radiate out to the rest of France.  It is also the heart of a system of Routes Nationaux that feed all the areas of France.  It is often said that all French roads begin from a point just outside the Gothic portals of Notre-Dame. 

Central Paris is the host to 6 major rail-road passenger stations, accounting for more than 500 million passengers.  The lines of the national railroad system [SNCF] also fan out, in all directions, from Paris.  The city is also France’s 4th largest water port [after Marseilles, Le Havre and Dunkerque], with the navigable Seine connecting directly to the English Channel and, via a network of canals, with the navigable Loire, Meuse, Rhine, Rhone and Scheldt rivers.  Much of the goods, going to and from the city, move by water.  

The population of the Ville-de-Paris [a French département] was approximately 2,115,700 in 1999.  It is one of the world’s most crowded cities with about 53,000 people per square mile, ranking it as the 4th most densely populated city in the world after Manila, Shanghai and Cairo.  The region of Île-de-France, in which Paris is located, had a population of about 11 million that same year.

Paris is one of Europe’s largest metropolitan areas, and Île-de-France is the most populous of the 22 French regions.  The city is confined to a 22 mile-long oval perimeter that measures 5.5 miles from north to south and 7.5 miles from east to west.  The Département of the Ville-de-Paris, one of the eight departments of the Île-de-France administrative Region, is in the center of the region. 

The climate is moderate and is lacking in extremes.  The average temperature is 66 degrees Fahrenheit.  The average annual rain amounts to 23 inches, and is evenly distributed over the year.

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