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Gourmet French Food and all about French Cuisine

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The world of gourmet is an open book, from which we continually learn.  French food still rallies in the number one spot, as the worldwide favorite.  Home gourmets and enthusiasts alike want to learn how to create these wonderful sauces and foods; we hope that this sections will be of help to those of you gourmet enthusiasts.  Enjoy!
French Cuisine the term, is somewhat of a misnomer, because the word 'cuisine' is the French word for kitchen [not about food itself].  Americans however generally think of 'French Cuisine' as being really great French food. With that in mind, this section includes several subjects that we cover in our 'Gourmet Food' section including: basic cooking methods, French ingredients, great traditional French recipes, setting up a kitchen, and kitchen pantry, how to tips on for the great Chefs techniques, Cooking Trips to France, cooking with fresh herbs, English to French culinary words and phrases, and the world of French cooking made easy.

French Classic Sauces are what make-up Great French Food
If you're willing to take a little time, and prepare these special French sauces, without shortcuts, as they are meant to be prepared, you'll be well rewarded.  First start with good homemade Classic Stocks.  You will undoubtedly recognize some of these great French sauces, but most of these great French sauces, you're probably unaware of.  None of them are difficult to make, just follow the instructions and you'll be amply rewarded, and your home cooked meals will now become exceptional haut cuisine, with praises to you duly noted!  Enjoy the classic recipes and their offspring's for
Béchamel  Sauce, Velouté Sauce, Butter Sauces and more. 

French Cooking Basics
- in this section you'll discover the basic cooking methods, with detailed information regarding the procedure and the French phrase for that type of cooking method. Although some French cooking techniques can be quite exacting, overall they are basic in procedure.  However, this does not mean that the French chef will brook any type of shortcut or inferior products being used in their 'pièce de résistance'.  They shop daily for the freshest meats, produce and herbs that play such a big part of French cuisine. The 'Cooking Basics Table'.

French Cooking Conversion Tables and Measures
This section will help you convert all the French recipes [in French] that you've been wanting to try.  Trying to cook a recipe that isn't in your own language measure-ments, can be quite a challenge.  Especially if you've been assigned to a foreign country, and would like to try local recipes, but haven't a clue how to convert the measurements for a recipe is now made easy. We've included all types of measurements [dry and wet], metric conversions and temperature conversions.  View the 'Conversion Chart'.

Chefs Secrets for French Butter Sauces and Compounds
The secret to really great sauces is taking the time to make them, using only the freshest ingredients available to you, and always remember, that you only use unsalted butter in French cooking.  This is a must, and then add the salt when the sauce or food is finished. This section includes the Classic French Sauces [all families]  Classic Butter Sauces made with clarified butter, and the classic   Unsalted Butter Sauces.  The world of French cuisine, has some secret ingredients that are finally weaving their way into American household cooking.  If you want to find out more, we urge you to check out the classis French crèmes and the necessary Classic Stocks for making sauces, soups and stews and.....

Simply French Cooking is where you'll discover French cooking basics handed down by the Mères of France.  The Mères were famous women chefs that made names for themselves in the world of French cooking.  Anyone that loves good food, and loves to cook, can prepare the majority of the well-known French classic dishes.  Discover the Mères of France, how the became world renown for their basic and simple special home cooked recipes.  It's gourmet to you and me, but in France this is the norm!  French Cooking at it's Best!

English to French Culinary Words and Phrases
In this section you'll find all the English to French words or phrases that will assist you on your trip to a France.  We've tried to include everything literally from 'Soup to Nuts' so to speak, whether you need to find an item in a grocery store [super marché] or how to approach a French person and ask them cordially, how to find a hotel or metro, etc. and in French ask them if they speak English [parlez vous anglais] and "where is the...[Ou est le...] whatever your looking for or need.

We have hundreds of helpful English to French culinary terms, terms needed in the grocery store, pharmacy, handy store, and cafe and restaurant to help you.
View the directory for our '
English to French' culinary words and phrases.

Easy French Most Requested Recipes
View our collection of easy French recipes for a great quick lunch or dinner, or turn them into an elegant but simple dinner for friends and family get-togethers. 

If you want to impress your family and friends, with your culinary ability, try these easy, free and healthy French Recettes [recipes].  The French onion soup recipes produce soup comparable to that which was served in the Halls of Paris.  The recipes include those for beer and cheese fondue and garlic soup.  Try them, you'll be surprised!  You can view the 'Most Requested French Recipes' here

The Best and Most Noted French Restaurants in Paris & France
This is 'The Place' to find information about the great restaurants of Paris and around the French regions.  With our French Restaurant guru insider Alain Neyman, you have the latest hot spots and trendy restaurants in Paris and around France.  View our 'Restaurant Directory & Guides' and read this article about some of our favorite French Restaurants.

Free French Cooking Articles and Gourmet Basics
If you enjoy cooking and want to learn more about French cooking basics, then check out our articles regarding the how to secrets that great chefs have used forever.  French cooking has long been known as the best of 'haut cuisine' and you can prepare these classic French dishes too!  Enjoy our gourmet articles.

Gourmet Cook Books
- Famous Chefs Cookbooks and.......
This section is entirely devoted to, and your one-stop source for the best selection of great French cookbooks, famous French chefs cookbooks, gourmet cookbooks; cheese guides and cheese cookbooks; great chefs from around the world cookbooks; books on wines and beers; cheese and wine pairing; how to make cheese; cheese recipes; fondue cookbooks; cheese books; herb and spices books; sauces; the kitchen [cuisine] books and other books related to food and preparation of food brought to you by Amazon.  Just click on the category of your choice, it will take you to the noted book selections.  Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

  All About Cheese - want to know more about a specific type of cheese?
  Cheese & Wine - about cheese and wine pairings.
  Cheese Guides - about cheese references and cheese dictionaries.
  Cheese Making - ever been tempted to make your own cheese...why not?
  Cheese Recipes - here's some great recipes for just about everything cheese.
  Fondue of all kinds - the world of fondue in unlimited, check some of these out!
  French Sauces Best Cookbooks - most French sauces are fairly easy to make.
  Gourmet's Top Selling Cookbooks - true French top selling gourmet cookbooks.
  Great Chefs from around the World - the very best French chefs.
  Herb & Spices - All About - herbs are an essential part of French cooking.
  Simply French is great French Cuisine, simply prepared!
  Wine/Champagne information for all your needs!

Cheese Descriptions and recipes for the following cheeses:
Emmental from Switzerland
Gruyere from Switzerland
Oka from Canada

Cooking Specialties in the Regions of France
Alsace Aquitaine Auvergne Bourgogne Bretagne Centre Champagne-Ardennes Corse Franche-Comté Île-de-France Languedoc-Rousilion Limousin Lorraine Midi-Pyrénées Normandie [Basse] Normandie [Haute] Nord-Pas-Calais Outre-Mer Pays-de-la-Loire Picardie Poitou-Charentes Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Rhône-Alpes

Additional Gourmet Food Links

Cooking Schools in France [Professional - Ecoles des Chefs]
Centre de formation d'Alain Ducasse
Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
Ecoles Lenotre France
Ecole Ritz Escoffier
Institute Paul Bocuse Hôtellerie et Arts Culinaires
Institute de Tourisme et d'Hotel du Quebec
L'Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Française
Le Cordon Bleu
Ecole Internationale Maxim's-de-Paris

Cooking Schools in France - the basics of French Cooking
La Cuisine of Marie Blanche - cooking classes, private classes, pastry classes, Art de Vivre Classes, Cooking & Art de Vivre classes and more.

France Cuisine On-line Magazines in French
Cuisine et Vins
Savours of the World

Cheese Information and Cheeses by Regions
Link to cheese descriptions, cheese by Region and other cheese information.

Chocolate Information and Chocolatiers of Europe
Check out our Chocolate pages that include the finest Chocolatiers in Europe, chocolate information sites, chocolate events and festivals for 2003, history and much more.

Diabetic & Diet Information [English & French Information Sites]

English Sites
American Diabetes Association
DESA Diabetic Exercise and Sports Association
Diabetes Terms Dictionary
Diabetes Resources
Diabetic Diet and Recipes
Diabetic Lifestyles
Diabetic Recipes with over 800 recipes
The Diabetic Gourmet Magazine
The Diabetic Network 
The Diabetic News 
The Diabetic Newsletter
Voice of the Diabetic {Nat'l. Federation of the Blind]

French Sites
ABD Association Belge du Diabete, L’association Belge du Diabète 
AFD [Association française des diabétiques] - France
AGD [Association genevoise des Diabétiques] Geneva
AJD [Aide aux jeunes diabètiques]
ALD [Assoication Luxembourg du Diabète]
ASD Association Suisse du Diabète
AVSD [Association Valaisanne du diabète]
CDA [Association Canadiennne du dabete]
Diabète Quebec 
Diabsurf Good list of links to Diabetic associations
Quelques Liens Sur Le Diabète for France

Famous French Chefs Websites
Jean-Marc Banzo
Georges Blanc
Paul Bocuse
Gérard Boyer
Alain Ducasse - first ever 6-star chef
Émile Jung
Jacques Pépin

Bread Links Page

All about the world of cheese.

Chocolate Shopping
All About Chocolate

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