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Easy English to French Word and Phrase Translations

            Free Translations - English to French Phrases from
FREE basic English to French words - phrases will assist you on your trip to France!  You'll find some of the most popular words and phrases categories that people can use to translate from English to French,along with pronunciations.  These are basic French phrases that you'll use on your trip. Click this Index link: www.french-at-a-touch.com/Words-Phrases/french_words_and_phrases.htm.  For Free English to French Phrases, such as 'good morning in French' and Sentence Translations, with 25 categories from general words and phrases, basic French phrases, salutations, French culinary terms, restaurants and cuisine phrases in our English to French dictionary.
English Pronunciation Français
apple turnover leh show-sohn oh pohm le chausson aux pommes
a slice of ewn trahn-sh deh une tranche de
bun, iced leh gah-toe ah-mehr-ree-kahn le gâteau américain
bun, plaited lah tres la tresse
cake, black forest lah cla-foo-tee de lah foh-ray nwahr le clafoutis de la Foret-Noire
cake, butter-cream leh gah-toe gar-nee de krem oh brr le gâteau garni de crème au beurre
cake, cheese/cream leh gah-toe ah lah krem le gâteau à la crème
cake, iced sponge lah coo-rown deh frahn-fore la couronne de Francfort
cake, nut leh gah-toe rohn le gâteau rond
cake, ring leh koo-glow le kouglof
cake, slab with chocolate icing leh gah-toe moo-lay nah-pay deh show-koh-lah le gâteau moulé nappé de chocolat
cake, tree leh gah-toe mohn-tay le gâteau monté
cakes, confectionery lah pah-tees-ree la pâtisserie
coconut macaroon leh mah-kah-rohn le macaron
cookie leh bees-kwee le biscuit
cream puff leh shoo ah lah krem le chou à la crème
Danish pastry leh pahl-mee-ay le palmier
doughnut leh bay-nyay ven-wah, lah bool deh behr-leen le beignet viennois, la boule de Berlin
éclair lay-clair l'éclair
French toast lah bees-coat la biscotte
napoleon lah meel fyue-ya la mille-feuille
pastry lah pah-tees-ree la pâtisserie
pastry, puff leh vool-oh-vehn, lah boo-shay le vol-au-vent, la bouchée
pastry whirl with raisins les-car-go, leh pahn oh ray-sahn l'escargot, le pain aux raisins
pie, apple lah tart oh pame la tarte aux pommes
pie, apricot lah tart ohz ah-bree-cot la tarte aux abricots
pie, blackberry lah tart ah myuhr la tarte à mures
pie, cherry lah tart oh seh-reez la tarte aux cerises
pie, cream lah tart ah lah krem la tarte à la crème
pie, fruit lah tart oh frweet la tarte aux fruits
pie, gooseberry lah tart oh grow-say-yeh la tart aux groseilles
pie, nut lah tart oh nwah la tarte aux noixes
pie, peach lah tart oh pehsh la tarte aux pêches
pie, pear lah tart ah pwahr la tarte à poires
pie, prune lah tart ah prune la tarte à prunes
pie, raspberry lah tart ah frohn-bwahz la tarte à fromboises
pie, rhubarb lah tart ah lah rue-bahrb la tarte à la rhubarbe
pie, strawberry lah tart oh frayz la tarte aux fraises
roll, cream leh cor-nay fyue-yet ah lah krem le cornet feuillete à la crème
roll, crescent leh kuwah-sahn le croissant
roll, crescent, chocolate leh pahn oh show-koh-lah le pain au chocolat
roll, Danish lah dan-wahz la danoise
roll, jelly leh bees-kwee roo-lay, leh roo-lay le biscuit roulé, le roulé
sweet bread leh pahn deh mee le pain de mie
sweet bread, round lah bree-ohsh la brioche
tartlet lah tart-let la tartelette
waffle lah wah-fr la gaufre


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