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  FREE basic English to French words - phrases to assist you on your trip to France!  Contact Us  
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Easy English to French Word and Phrase Translations

            Free Translations - English to French Phrases from
FREE basic English to French words - phrases will assist you on your trip to France!  You'll find some of the most popular words and phrases categories that people can use to translate from English to French,along with pronunciations.  These are basic French phrases that you'll use on your trip. Click this Index link: www.french-at-a-touch.com/Words-Phrases/french_words_and_phrases.htm.  For Free English to French Phrases, such as 'good morning in French' and Sentence Translations, with 25 categories from general words and phrases, basic French phrases, salutations, French culinary terms, restaurants and cuisine phrases in our English to French dictionary.
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Gourmet Culinary and General Words & Phrases
Basic Words & Phrases - salutations and basic how to ask for
Beverages - including wine, beer and liquor
Bread & Pastry - the major types
Cooking Methods - boiling through searing
Culinary Verbs - words describing how to do things in the kitchen
Dairy Products - milk and milk products
Days & Months - days of the week and months
Desserts - from baked Alaska to yogurt
Eggs - eggs and egg dishes
Fowl - the type of birds we commonly eat
Fruit - an assortment of popular fruit names
General Useful Words - more generalized helpful phrases 
Getting Around in town - basic help with directions, where is
Herbs & Spices - from anise to watercress
Kitchen words - words about things in the kitchen
Measures - distances, measures of all types
Meats - items you would find in the butcher shop
Nuts - a listing of commonly encountered nuts
Public Buildings - including libraries, utility companies and more
Restaurants  - on how to order, items to order, all about
Seafood - how to order the fish you want and the preparation of it
Soups - an alphabet soup of popular French soups
Stocks & Sauces - preparation and ingredients
Store Types from a to z - for all of your shopping needs
Supermarket Products - items from a to z and much more
Table Settings - everything on the table
Time - Dates - for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks ,etc.
Trains - Stations - Purchase Tickets - getting around, stations
Transportation Sources - all modes of transportation
Travel - useful phrases while traveling
Vegetables - their names and preparation
US/Metric tables - for liquid and dry conversions and more
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