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Easy English to French Word and Phrase Translations

            Free Translations - English to French Phrases from
FREE basic English to French words - phrases will assist you on your trip to France!  You'll find some of the most popular words and phrases categories that people can use to translate from English to French,along with pronunciations.  These are basic French phrases that you'll use on your trip. Click this Index link: www.french-at-a-touch.com/Words-Phrases/french_words_and_phrases.htm.  For Free English to French Phrases, such as 'good morning in French' and Sentence Translations, with 25 categories from general words and phrases, basic French phrases, salutations, French culinary terms, restaurants and cuisine phrases in our English to French dictionary.
Seafood & Fish Words & Phrases
English Pronunciation Français
Clam lah pah-loo-rd La palourde
Crab leh krahb Le crabe
Crawfish layz ay-kruh-vees Les écrivisses
Eel l'ahn-ghee-yuh L'anguille
Fish leh pwah-sohn Le poisson
Flounder leh kahr-lay Le carrelet
Freshwater fish leh pwah-sohn doh dews Le poisson d'eau douce
Frog legs lay kwees deh gre-new-yuhy Les cuisses de grenouilles
Halibut leh flay-tahn Le flétan
Herring leh ahr-rahn Le hareng
Lobster loh-mar Le homard
Mussels lay mool Les moules
Mussels in white wine w/ herbs and shallots lay mool mah-ree-nee-air Les moules marinières
Mussels with bacon lay mool oh lar-dohn Les moules au lardon
Oysters layz wee-truh Las huîtres
Pike leh bro-shay Le brochet
Prawns lay gahm-bah Les gambas
Red mullet leh rueh-jay deh rowch Le rouget de roche
Red scorpion fish lah rah-kass rooj La rascasse rouge
Red snapper lah pehr-sh rooj la perche rouge
Salmon leh sow-mohn Le saumon
Saltwater fish leh pwah-son deh mehr Le poisson de mer
Sardine lah sahr-deen La sardine
Scallops lay koh-kee Les coquilles
Sea bass leh lew deh mehr, leh bahr Le loup de mer, le bar
Sea-bream lah doh-rahd La dorade
Seafood lay frwee deh mehr Les fruits de mer
Shad lah-lowz L'alose
Shellfish lay kroos-ta-say Les crustacés
Shrimp lay kruh-vet Les crevettes
Smoked salmon leh sow-mohn foo-may Le saumon fumé
Sole lah sohl La sole
Squid leh kal-mahr, leh ka-la-mahr Le calmar, le calamar
Swardfish lehs-pah-dohn L'espadon
Trout lah tru-eet La truite
Tuna leh tohn Le thon
Tunny leh tohn rooj Le thon rouge
Turbot leh tour-boh Le turbot
Umber fish lohm-br ko-moon L'ombre commun


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