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Viking Ocean Cruises

VikingOceanOnboard, guests find serene Scandinavian spaces, where every room is beautiful and functional, quiet and filled with light. All-veranda ships mean that guests experience every day with a new, expansive vista. With the most al fresco dining at sea, featuring regional cuisines and always-available American classics, Viking’s guests can truly dine in their destination. A focus on cultural enrichment brings immersive experiences onshore and onboard. And only The Viking Way brings guests itineraries that feature Local Life, Working World and Privileged Access experiences.

Cruisers have spoken: Viking is the #1 Ocean Line! Named first in 10 out of 10 categories by 2017 Cruise Critic customer reviews.

Baltic & Northern Cruises

Into the Midnight Sun

15 Days from Bergen to London from $6,449

This 15-day voyage is an unparalleled exploration from the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia to the remote outposts of Scotland’s Shetland and Orkney Islands. Cruise spectacular fjords along the fabled Norwegian coast, and enjoy an overnight in the former Hanseatic League city of Bergen. You’ll visit Edinburgh, where medieval glory mingles with classic beauty, and experience the regal splendor of London.

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Trade Routes of the Middle Ages

15 Days from Bergen to Barcelona from $3,999

Sail the clear waters of Scandinavia and the Baltic on this 15-day cruise. Enjoy overnights in cosmopolitan Stockholm and St. Petersburg, and explore charming historic city centers in Tallinn and Gdańsk. You’ll visit Helsinki, Berlin, Copenhagen and Bergen, and witness breathtaking scenery from your ship as she glides through majestic Norwegian fjords in the legendary homeland of the Vikings.

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Viking Homelands

15 Days from Stockholm to Bergen from $5,199

Sail the clear waters of Scandinavia and the Baltic on this 15-day cruise. Enjoy overnights in cosmopolitan Stockholm and St. Petersburg, and explore charming historic city centers in Tallinn and Gdańsk. You’ll visit Helsinki, Berlin, Copenhagen and Bergen, and witness breathtaking scenery from your ship as she glides through majestic Norwegian fjords in the legendary homeland of the Vikings.

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Baltic Jewels & the Midnight Sun

29 Days from Stockholm to London from $11,299

Our most sweeping Scandinavia itinerary combines Viking Homelands and Into the Midnight Sun. On this 29-day cruise, you’ll visit Norway’s magnificent fjords and overnight stays in Stockholm, St. Peters-burg and Bergen. Begin your cruise in Stockholm’s stunning archipelago, nestled where Lake Mälaren’s cobalt waters meet the Baltic. Take in this amazing city spread with over 14 islands and its 13th-century old town, “Gamla Stan,” and German-influenced architecture. Sailing the Baltic Sea into the Gulf of Finland, into Helsinki and then to St. Petersburg, Russia and Tallinn, back into the Baltic Sea down to Gdansk Poland and over to Warnemünde, Germany and back up to Copenhagen and then Aalborg Denmark. Next is Stavanger Norway to Flam, and Bergen for 3 nights, cruising on toe Geiranger and Krisitansund NOrway through the Inside Passage ending at Tromso, Norway.

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British Isles Explorer

15 Days from Bergen to London from $6,099

Immerse yourself in the British Isles, with overnight stays in Bergen, Norway, and Greenwich, England. Discover Scotland’s legendary Highlands and Western Isles and the capital of Edinburgh. Visit the Shetland and Orkney Islands and contrast modern Belfast with traditional Dublin. Witness Welsh culture in Snowdonia. In England, visit maritime Liverpool, see historic Dover and enjoy a tour of London.

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In the Wake of the Vikings

15 Days from Bergen to Montreal from $5,749

Trace the route of Viking Leif Eriksson, who discovered American shores 500 years before Columbus. From the Norwegian mercantile city of Bergen, set off to the rustic Shetland Islands in Scotland. Cruise to the magnificently picturesque Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland; then, view ancient Norse settlements at L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. Explore the rich cultures of Saguenay and Quebec City before concluding in cosmopolitan Montreal.

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Barcelona, the Baltic & Beyond

22 Days from Barcelona to Stockholm from $6,299

On this voyage through Western Europe and the Baltic, experience iconic world-class cultural capitals—Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam and St. Petersburg. You’ll encounter wonders of art and history as you explore richly varied cities and waterways, from the English Channel to the Kiel Canal.

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Americas & Caribbean Voyages

West Indies to Iberia

15 days from San Juan to Barcelona from $2,499

Cross oceans and bridge cultures on an enriching trans-Atlantic voyage. Embark in colonial San Juan and call on the Dutch side of St. Martin, ringed by white-sand beaches. Then, head into the Atlantic for a six-day crossing, savoring your elegant ship’s cultural offerings. The Portuguese island of Madeira welcomes you on the other side, followed by explorations of French-inflected Casablanca, and the Spanish cities of Cádiz and Valencia. You’ll disembark in lively Barcelona.

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Turquoise Caribbean Seas

8 days from Miami to Miami from $1,999

Explore the diverse treasures of the western Caribbean, from ancient ruins to colonial architecture. Walk with learned historians among the remarkably preserved Mayan sites in Belize and during an overnight excursion in Chichén Itzá. Learn from a local guide the colonial and Mayan past of Cozumel. En route, absorb the carefree atmosphere of Key West. With Viking’s destination cruising, the flavors of the Caribbean infuse life on board, too, from elegant Mexican meals to enrichment lectures.

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Panama & Central America

15 Days from Miami to Miami from  $3,499

Trace the lush coast of Central America, uncovering rich history and culture, magnificent natural beauty and a breathtaking manmade wonder. Glimpse the ways of Belize’s Mayan civilization and the traditions of Panama’s Emberá people. Admire sand beaches and turquoise waters in Honduras, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Walk with a resident through Cartagena’s vibrant Old Town. And marvel at the workings of the Panama Canal during a thrilling partial transit.

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Central American Shores & Cuba

8 Days from Miami to Miami from $2,649

Experience an array of distinct western Caribbean ports. From Miami, cruise to Havana, Cuba, where an overnight stay lets you immerse yourself in the newly opened country’s colonial streets. Continue to Cozumel, Mexico, and the island nation of Belize, two renowned ports known for fascinating Mayan ruins and unmatched snorkeling in protected waters. In Key West, witness a carefree town with a revered past.

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Mediterranean & Adriatic Cruises

Mediterranean Odyssey 

13 days from Barcelona to Venice from $4,399

This 13-day tour brings discoveries of the glories of the Western Mediterranean to life. The magical waterways of Venice; Rome and its awe-inspiring Coliseum, and the fabled towns of Tuscany. Visit Dubrovnik; a hidden jewel and discover quiet squares amidst the glamour of the French Riviera. Taste the wines of Toulon and climb the stairs of Gaudi’s surreal Sagrada Família in Barcelona. We will connect you to this pivotal, unforgettable region with the depth, insight and comfort as only Viking Oceans new Viking Star can.

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Empires of the Mediterranean

10 Days from Venice to Istanbul from $3,549

Join us on a 10-day journey through the Eastern Mediterranean, where each day and night has been crafted to bring you all the riches of this fabled region. Bookended by the iconic cities of Venice and Istanbul, you will discover ancient ruins, explore medieval cities and stroll breathtaking beaches. Or simply watch the world unfold before you from your stateroom balcony. The intimate size of Viking Star allows us to explore sea routes less traveled, as we sail like Vikings on the Adriatic. Passage through Western Europe.

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Voyage of Marco Polo

36 days from Athens to Bangkok from $9,999

Trace the great Spice Routes that inspired Marco Polo himself during a 36-day voyage into the heart of the Mediterranean and Asia. You’ll follow the trade routes of ancient merchant travelers, crossing the Suez Canal and touring the region’s best-loved ports with those who live and work in the Levant, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Enriching overnights in Athens, Haifa, Mumbai, Colombo and Bangkok help you truly connect to this intriguing part of the world.

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Quiet Season Mediterranean

Iconic Western Mediterranean

8 days from Barcelona to Rome from  $1,999

France’s famed southern coast and Italy’s Renaissance treasures take center stage on this 8-day Mediterranean sojourn between Barcelona and Rome. Immerse yourself in Catalonian and Tuscan art, architecture and history during overnights in Barcelona and Tuscany. In the South of France, call on Marseille, France’s oldest city, jet-setting St. Tropez and Monte Carlo, Monaco’s glamorous city by the sea.

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Southern Mediterranean Discovery

8 days from Rome to Barcelona from $1,999

Cruise into the southern Mediterranean during this enriching itinerary. You’ll have time to discover Rome, the former seat of empire. Visit two of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and culturally rich islands, Sicily and Sardinia. Uncover the mysteries of ancient Carthage in Tunis and the magnificent whitewashed Casbah of Algiers. Spanish splendor greets you in historic Valencia and in Barcelona, the vibrant Catalonian capital.

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Cities of Antiquity & the Holy Land

15 days from Rome to Athens from $3,099

Witness the revered and the sacred during an inspiring 15-day cruise framed by enriching time spent in Rome and Athens. Visit Naples, gateway to Pompeii, and Crete, home of the legendary Minotaur. In Israel, a day in Ashdod and an overnight in Haifa put the holiest sites within reach: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and more. You’ll also call on the Limassol, Cyprus, and storied Rhodes and Mykonos.

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Asia and Australia

East Asian Odyssey

29 days from Bangkok to Beijing from $11,099

Uncover the legacies of dynasties when you combine Southeast Asia & Hong Kong and Capitals of the Far East. Explore the cultural treasures and meet the warm people of East Asia on a 29-day cruise that helps you unravel a fascinating history and witness the cutting-edge cities that are shaping Asia’s booming economy. You’ll enjoy overnight stays in 9 ports, letting you experience local life and giving you the up-close view that this fascinating region deserves.

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Australia, Asia & Alaska

79 days from Sydney to Vancouver from $26,549

Combine Komodo & the Australian Coast, Bangkok, Bali & Beyond, Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage for a remarkable 79-day journey. From Indonesia and the “Land Down Under” to Indochina and the northern reaches of America’s last frontier, you’ll join locals and delve with them into an astonishing array of cultural treasures and breathtaking natural wonders. Overnights in 13 ports bring your destinations into sharp focus.

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Far Eastern Horizons

15 Days from Hong Kong to Tokyo from $5,799

Unravel the mysteries of one of the most captivating corners of Asia. Mingle with merchants at Hong Kong’s famed Stanley Market. Learn the nuances of Taiwan from a local. Hear about the recovery of Nagasaki and Hiroshima from residents who connect you to their rebirths. Witness Busan’s bustling South Korean culture. And make sense of the dazzling cultures of Shimizu and Tokyo with the help of those who live there. Overnight stays in four ports let you delve deeply.

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Grand Pacific Explorer

93 Days from Auckland to Vancouver from $32,199

This 93-day cruise combines Australia & New Zealand, Komodo & the Australian Coast, Bangkok, Bali & Beyond, Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage. You’ll bridge oceans and continents on our most epic Pacific itinerary yet. Overnight stays in 15 ports help you immerse yourself in a fascinating array of cultures and let you embrace endless opportunities to get to know locals from East to West. It’s an enriching journey unlike any other.

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World and Grand Voyages

The Epic Viking Journey

120 days from Los Angeles to London from $49,999

Join Viking on our first-ever world cruise spanning five continents. Embark the brand-new Viking Sun and explore the world’s legendary cities, charming ports and idyllic islands on one seamless itinerary. Immerse yourself in the world’s rich cultures—from Havana to Sydney, from Hong Kong to London—during included excursions that provide unmatched insight into daily life and Privileged Access visits to cultural institutions. Delve deeper with overnight stays in 12 magnificent cities. Viking’s onboard Culture Curriculum® of lectures, entertainment and more enriches and enlightens. Join our 120-day cruise from Los Angeles to London, or add on our 21-day pre-cruise from Miami for a 141-day epic journey.

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Far East & Alaska

37 Days from Hong Kong to Vancouver from $12,099

Combine Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage for an epic 37-day cruise. From imperial treasures and cities risen from ash to former Soviet ports and the magnificent beauty of Alaska, you’ll accompany locals as they reveal what they love most about the varied places they call home. A historic Pacific crossing links these diverse cultures, and overnight stays in six ports let you explore fully and take in the nuances and complexities of the North Pacific.

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South Pacific Sojourn

29 Days from Bangkok to Sydney from $8,699

Enjoy a 29-day cruise encompassing the rich and varied cultures of Asia and Australia when you combine Bangkok, Bali & Beyond and Komodo & the Australian Coast. Meet the people who shape celebrated capitals of Asian art and culture from Malaysia to Indonesia. Witness the cerulean beauty of Australia’s coastal isles. And get to know the famously embracing Aussies. Overnight stays in Bangkok, Java, Bali and Darwin help immerse you in this breathtaking corner of the world.

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