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Bordeaux, Capital of the Region of Bordeaux, is one of the world’s undisputed wine regions, with iconic chateaux, timeless vineyards and delicious wine tastings & pairings on your visits to Cadillac, Pauillac, Saint-Émilion & Libourne.

AMA WATERWAYS RIVER CRUISES leads the river cruise industry with a fleet of custom-designed vessels in Europe, Asia and Africa. With AmaWaterways award winning ship designs, spacious 'twin balcony staterooms', premium amenities, impeccable service, and our exceptional cuisine.  AMA Cruises has more beautiful new ships have joined our European fleet in 2018 and feature a choice of dining venues, a heated pool with swim-up bar, stunning glass elevators, an onboard fleet of bicycles and much more. We'll introduce a special new ship in 2019, the newest in ship innovation for the ultimate comfort and spectacular river cruising. A very personal way to discover Europe, Asia or Africa is on one of our AmaWaterways amazing discovery river cruise destinations! View our 2018 year end and 2019-2020 river cruise options. Checkout our Specialty Themed and Wine Cruises.  Call 1-919-322-2592 for more details on one of our great cruise options and for availability.




Paris and Springtime at Luxembroug Gardens

AmaWaterways France Cruises 2019-2021

Cruising between Paris and Le Havre on the Seine river that flows through the beautiful bucolic green countryside of France.  While centrally cruising the Saone and Rhone rivers from Lyon to Arles and the haute cuisine and Beaujolais wine  from this area, is a must do.  Or cruising southwest France between the Bordeaux Region and Atlantic on the Dordogne and Garonne Rivers, the great Bordeaux wine region of France, is a treat to experience. Call or get a quote for a 2018, 2019 or 2020 cruise!

France Itineraries & Dates

Paris & Normandy - Paris Roundtrip


Colors of Provence - Lyon to Arles


Taste of Bordeaux - Bordeaux Roundtrip

Joanne Weir Bordeaux Roundtrip

France + Germany Rivers & Castles

France + Germany Netherlands

France + Germany + Holland Rhine & Moselle

France + Spain Douro RiverCruise

from $1,840 per person

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Lovely Rudesheim on the Rhine

AmaWaterways Germany Cruises 2019-2021

Cruising on the Rhine, Main & Mosel Rivers where you’ll discover that it’s just a short step from the ship into the heart of Germany’s delightful and charming towns and cities, in your beautiful double balcony ship stateroom. Scenic cruising along the very historical Rhine river and her steep hilly vineyards and castles and along the winding Mosel & Main and fantastic river vistas of Cochem and other quaint villages of Germany.

  Germany Itineraries & Dates

Magnificent Europe - Amsterdam to Budapest

Rhine & Moselle Splendors - Luxembourg to Basel

Captivating Rhine - Amsterdam to Basel

Enchanting Rhine - Basel to Amsterdam

Rhine & Moselle Delights - Luxembourg to Basel

Rhine & Moselle Fairytales - Basel to Amsterdam

Grand Rhine & Danube Cruise - NUE to Giurgiu

  from $1,680 per person

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Vienna's Karlskirche Church on the Danube

AmaWaterways Danube Cruises 2019-2021

AmaWaterways river cruises between Nuremberg or Vilshofen to Vienna, Budapest and further east into Bucharest along the beautiful 'Blue Danube' river. Visit her magnificent Capitals, while enjoying the pastoral  and relaxing scenery along your river cruising. View matchless styles of architecture in these historical capital and other cities of Eastern Europe. Here the people welcome you to join them  in their countries timeless traditions. Truly one of the most enjoyable cruises , . . is a Danube river cruise.

                Danube Itineraries & Dates

Romantic Danube - Vilshofen to Budapest

Melodies of the Danube - Budapest to Vilshofen

Legendary Danube - Nuremberg to Budapest

Blue Danube Discovery - Budapest to Nuremberg
Danube Serenade - Nuremberg to Vienna

Grand Danube Cruise - Nuremberg to Giurgiu

Magnificent Europe - Amsterdam to Budapest

Gems of Southeast Europe - Budapest to Giurgiu

from $2,549 per person

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Amsterdam's Charming Canals & Architecture

AmaWaterways Holland Cruises 2019-2021

Waterways of Holland. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and green and colorful floral springtime vistas along the canals and countryside absolutely take your breath, it’s awesome. The tiny and charming canals, and rivers and pretty spectacular ancient Windmills of Holland, are so charming and there’s a multitude of Amsterdam canals to ride through and sightseeing options are fantastic.

     Amsterdam + Holland Itineraries & Dates


Tulip Time - Roundtrip Amsterdam

Captivating Rhine - Amsterdam to Basel

Enchanting Rhine - Basel to Amsterdam

Rhine & Moselle Delights - Basel to Amsterdam

Rhine & Moselle Fairytales - Amsterdam to Basel

Magnificent Europe - Amsterdam to Budapest

from $1,949 per person for 2019

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The Cat Family Out for a Stroll

AmaWaterways Africa Cruises 2019-2021

Our fantastic wildlife visits and cruising on the Chobe River is an experience to behold.  Beauty and natural wonders of iconic Cape Town; getting up close to animals in their natural habitat; and exploring one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World.’ You fly to Kasane, Botswana and cross into Namibia to embark on your Chobe River safari cruise through the wondrous Chobe National Park. Home to one of Africa’s densest wildlife populations. Encountering elephants, giraffes, leopards, zebras and buffaloes on excursions by boat and open-air vehicles. Conclude your journey with two nights at the majestic Victoria Falls.

              Africa Itineraries & Dates
Discover Africa  - Cape Town to Victoria Falls

Rivers & Rails of Africa - Cape Town to Johannesburg

Wildlife & the Falls - Johannesburg Roundtrip

Stars of South Africa - Cape Town to Johannesburg

Golden Trails of East Africa-Johannesburg to Tanzania

from $8,999 - $15,995 per person


Unique Adventures

AmaWaterways Specialty Cruises 2019-2021

Our specialty cruises for 2018 are great, with limited availability. Our Guest Speaker Joanne Weir and ‘Yum’ is the food she creates!  AMA sponsors her show on PBS, ‘Plates & Places’. She and her production team were onboard the AmaKristina last Fall filming several episodes for her newest PBS series. We’re very pleased to welcome her back for a second river cruise Hosting the Taste of Bordeaux Culinary Cruise by Joanne Weir that departs July 26, 2018.  View our Specialty Cruises here, and then join us! 

Who Says Cruising Isn’t Healthy?

A Wellness River Cruise Host makes it easy for you to maintain your well-being on your cruise. Providing a variety of exercise classes and onboard lectures that focus on healthy eating in addition to our Wellness Program.  Our ships offer a fleet of bicycles, fitness room, massage services, whirlpool or swimming pool and a walking track. With something for everyone.

            Our GOLF PROGRANS for 2019
  Check our great golf options out today & call us!

 Golf Options from $3449 Per Person for 2019



Pena Palace Portugal UNESCO Heritage Site

AmaWaterways Portugal Cruises 2019-2021

Cruising on Portugal's Douro River from Porto to Porto along the rambling vineyards and glorious blooming Bougainvillea – are just some of the marvelous sights to enjoy! Charming native farms cling to the steep sides of the Douro River Valley, creating an incomparable backdrop to one of Europe’s most unspoiled regions and the world’s oldest demarcated wine region. Visit Porto, the beautiful City of Bridges and Salamanca, the Golden City.

  Portugal Itineraries & Dates

Enticing Douro - Porto Roundtrip

Flavors of Portugal & Spain - Porto to Vega Terron

  from $2,999 for 2019

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Blessing by the Buddhist Monks

AmaWaterways Mekong Cruises 2019-2021

As you cruise along the Mekong, your transported back in time to another era, where life and work
move at a slower pace and allow for fascinating glimpses into a traditional way of life. Experience the lively hustle and bustle of open-air and floating markets, offering exotic produce. Delve into the peaks and valleys of Cambodia’s history in the museums of its beautiful capital, Phnom Penh.

From the lively city of Ho Chi Minh is the start of your incredible journey through Vietnam and Cam-bodia.  Cruise along the mighty Mekong, visiting rural villages, historic pagodas, local markets and a Buddhist monastery.  Get a glimpse into another era; the people still honor their timeless traditions of centuries ago handed down from ancestors.

          Vietnam & Cambodia & Dates
  Riches of Mekong - Siem Reap - Ho Chi Minh City
 Charms of the Mekong - Ho Chi Minh City-Siem Reap

             from $1,799 per person


Strasbourg's Noel Market is the oldest in Europe

AmaWaterways Holiday Cruises 2019-2021

Experience the deep-rooted holiday traditions of Europe visiting Strasbourg the "Capital of Noël," and largest market; Cologne’s huge Christmas Market with its massive Gothic cathedral backdrop and giant Christmas tree; or Heidelberg’s Christmas Market nestled idyllically amongst the historic squares of the Old Town; all timeless traditions passed on through the centuries. Cherish this festive season on a wonderful European river cruise.

                Christmas Itineraries & Dates

Iconic Christmas Markets - Nuremberg to Budapest​
Magical Christmas Markets - Nuremberg to Vienna
Christmas Markets on Rhine
- Amsterdam to Basel
Treasures of the Main and Rhine - NUE to Amsterdam
Magnificent Europe - Amsterdam to Budapest​

from $2,199 per person

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Cochem Germany - Castle on the Mosel

AmaWaterways Wine Cruises 2019-2021
For a unique cruise epicurean experience - it's a must! Our popular wine itineraries at no additional cost. Join one of our noted wine cruises hosted by a special wine aficionado.   Besides being treated to a menu of exclusive wine and culinary experiences designed to delve deeper into the wonderful flavors and tastes of Europe. We have several wine cruises available on the Rhine, Main and Danube that extend into Eastern Europe. We also offer the France Seine, Rhone and Bordeaux along the Garonne & Dordogne Rivers, and of course Portugal cruising the Douro River wonderful options   Join us on an exceptional wine cruise this year or see 2019 special deals!

Wine Itineraries & Dates
Romantic Danube Wine Cruise - Vilshofen to BUD
Melodies of the Danube - BUD to Vilshofen
Enchanting Rhine - Basel to Amsterdam
Captivating Rhine - Amsterdam to Basel
Paris & Normandy - Paris to Paris
Europe's Rivers & Castles - NUE to Luxembourg
Rhine & Moselle Splendors - Luxembourg to Basel
Colors of Provence - Lyon to Arles
Taste of Bordeaux - Bordeaux to Bordeaux
Enticing Douro - Porto to Porto

           from $2,049.00 per person

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