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Birth Certificates, Embassies, Passports, TSA Information,  US State Dept Travel Info, Visa Info, all are Official Websites
Birth Certificates - Official US Government Vital Records Site
France Embassy in Washington DC
Global Entry Program - U.S. Customs & Border Protection
US Embassies Abroad - US Embassies Alpha World Directory
US Passport - now at your LOCAL POST OFFICE
Visa and Travel Warnings by Country
US Custom Offices
US Transportation Security Admin - TSA Need to Know Info!
US State Department International Travel
US Dept of State Tips for Travelers

Worldwide Embassies - Click on a Country for Embassy Info this is not an official government website, but a worldwide project for visa and embassies endeavor.

Tourist Offices & Convention Bureaus by Country and Destination Guides, Helpful Travel Info, National Parks

World: Calendar, Currency, Time, Weather, Holidays  and World Area Codes and World Country Codes


Airlines, Airports, Codes, FAA Flight Delays, Airline Alliances

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