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Amawaterways Holiday Family Cruises around Europe

Amawaterways Wine Cruises Groups start at 10 persons

Uniworld Boutique Groups Cruise to Italy & India Too

Viking Cruise Groups to Egypt and Russia & Ukraine

Viking Cruises Last Minute Groups to Europe

We love getting groups together for you to make memories that last a lifetime for the whole family or friends or both!

Group travel is great for family/friends special occasions, such as a special birthday or special  anniversary and family reunions; history and architectural buffs, music interests, art and cultural interests; sports interests like fishing or hunting, and golf club groups. 
One of the largest travel interest groups is Gardeners and garden Tours, in both the UK and France.  Castles, and Roman artifacts enthusiasts are always interested in continuing their pursuits.  The last few years the interest in food and wine travel and participation has grown immensely plus 
Chocolate lovers cruise!  Art Cruises for lessons + about and museum visits;  besides great Wine Cruises for the aficionados, there's Beer cruises too for all the lovers of craft brewed beers - cruising Europe and savoring their greats beers!


Military interests in visiting Europe and Asia - going back to revisit to see the changes after their war years. Religious Travel to Ancient Cradles of Civilizations;  Educational groups of all types - language, history or other discovery interests.  Friends groups from college that travel together every year, and corporate incentives for their top sales people.  Medical abroad volunteering + holiday travel, senior special interest groups.  Whatever your affinity group, you cannot beat a river cruise, or other small ship cruise or land tour if you prefer.  This is discovery, adventure and learning from the best tour operators in the world! 

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