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Viking Oceans is the ultimate ocean cruise line to experience the continents and oceans and seas of the world.  Including he magnificent Mediterranean  and connecting seas on an all-inclusive cruise in 2018,  2019 or 2020.  Book early, these cruises DO book out early!  The Viking Ships are beautiful, with all the amenities that a cruiser desires, and services received on one of these fabulous new ships.  With all-inclusive cruise pricing, with all ships offering only Verandah staterooms!  View all Viking Ocean cruise ships, everything in the ship's design process to building the ships, was to please the senses of Viking's guests, and for them to enjoy their ultimate ocean cruise!  For more details call 1-888-666-7279, or send a Viking Cruise Request, check 2018 end of the year or 2019 - 2020 Viking Promotions!

Avalon Waterways River Cruises
Cruising around the World

Land of the Midnight Sun


The diversity of Viking itineraries in Scandinavia and Northern Europe is unrivaled. Journey beyond the Norwegian fjords to uncover the true history of the Vikings and their charming homeland, from the Shetland and Orkney Islands to the green and beautiful islands of the United Kingdom.  Where cruising traces the timeless trade routes. Visiting cultural capitals of Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg.  From Norway, sail to the end of the North Sea and beyond to unlock mysteries of
the far north and experience nature at its most magnificent. Sail on to the tiny village of Seydis-fjördur Iceland a early Viking settlement dating back to the 19th century to explore the fjords landscape, and starkly picturesque slopes soaring to summits of Mounts Bjólfur and Strandartindur. With longer port calls, overnight stays and longer daylight hours of the midnight sun - enhances your discoveries in this unique land of the mid- night sun and magnificent Aurora Borealis.

There are 14 Itineraries to select from, click here:

Scandinavia & No. Europe Cruises

All Fares are Per Person

From $ 3.299.00

Your favorite Mediterranean places


Empires rose and fell along the Mediterranean leaving behind a remarkable cross-section
of history.  You'll see the unmatched beauty of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Southern France, and the millennia of history in Athens, Rome, and Israel.
The turquoise seas of Santorini and the white-clad houses of the Greek Isles to colorful vistas of Barcelona and sampling the world’s finest wines in the vineyards of Provence. As you trace some of Europe’s most historic and culture-rich shores.  Then sail in the wake of Portuguese, English, German and Dutch and other explorers when you join our Africa cruises. Witness timeless tribal traditions alongside vestiges of colonialism from Mauritius to Senegal, and Madagascar to Mozam-bique.  From the desert landscapes of Namibia, to the vibrant culture and arresting vistas of South Africa. Heed the call of Africa and experience an enriching cruise like none other on one of our wonderful discovery cruises Mar/Apr of 2019.

There are 27 Itineraries to select from, click here:

All Mediterranean Cruises

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From $1.999.00

More quality Mediterranean time


A quiet-season Mediterranean cruise opens Europe to you in an entirely new way. Some say
this is the best time of year to visit, with fewer travelers and more opportunities to maximize your time and travel dollar.  Locals, too, relax during the off-season and are eager to chat. The
low-season airfares, combined with Viking inclu-sive value, makes fall and winter ideal for your getaway or a holiday cruise. View our 'Quiet Season' Mediterranean cruises - with most of our Mediterranean cruises offered here from the western to eastern Mediterranean and offset seas are available.  The dates will vary depending upon where the cruise sails to and dates are spring to fall accordingly.  View MED Map

Low season varies by countries and regions and will give you a full itinerary and more value for your travel fare.  Call today specials end July 31st to get a great deal for 2018 or 2019.

There are 10 Itineraries to select from, click here:

Mediterranean Quiet Season

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From:  $ 1,999.00

North, Central & So America 

Viking Oceans offers you a cultural celebra-tion of a diverse heritage—British, Mayan, French, Tlingit, Spanish, Dutch, African. On a western, eastern or southern Caribbean cruise for you to explore it all.  From Antigua to Aruba, St. Martin to San Juan. north to the Eastern Seaboard Explorer or New York to Bermuda and the West Indies option, over to Alaska and Inside Passage to the great North Pacific Passage on down to So America and Buenos Aires, Santiago, to Cape Horn  to marvel at spectacular coastal vistas. After taking in the glamour of Punta del Este, on to Uruguay, then visit the Falkland Islands, or sail to the unspoiled reaches of the continent, to further explore Ushuaia, and the Chilean fjords. Port calls in picturesque Punta Arenas, Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Montt round out your scenic journey.  We show-case these vibrant regions through carefully curated itineraries,  with more time in port and excursions that let you experience your destination up close. 

There are 14 Itineraries to select from, click here:
Americas & Caribbean Cruises


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From $1,999.00

All of Asia and Beyond to Marvel

Voyages that take you into the heart of the Far East and Indochina. You will visit the fascinating countries from Japan to South Korea, Taipei, and on to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai all the most fabulous and fascinating cites. Continuing on through China and Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  Then over to Maylaysia, and down to Indonesia and Bali.  Uncovering the traditions of deeply spiritual nations and their remarkable histories that date back millennia, providing an insight to these countries vibrant cultures.
Unraveling the mysteries of one of the most captivating corners of Asia. Mingle with mer-chants at Hong Kong’s famed Stanley Market. Learn the nuances of Taiwan from a local and  

witness Bussan's bustling South Korean culture.
And make sense of the dazzling cultures of Shimizu and Tokyo with the help of those who live there.  Visit the bustling capitals of Bangkok and floating markets, marvel at Kuala Lumpur’s soaring Petronas Towers through a local’s eyes.

There are 21 Itineraries to select from, click here:

Asia, Polynesia and Down Under and Africa


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From $ 3,999.00

Down Under + Africa Welcomes You

Australia cruises paint a colorful canvas vibrant with brushstrokes of dazzling blue seas and cultured cities.  New Zealand cruises, reveal breathtaking natural wonders. Sydney, Auckland and their stunning ports revealing the best of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Gain deep insight into the native and European cultures of Australia and New Zealand. Hear about Sydney's and Hobart's penal past from a descendant of Australia’s first settlers. Admire the Victorian treasures of Dunedin, the fragrant nglish gardens of Christchurch and Wellington and the art deco glories of Napier. Enjoy fragrant English gardens of Christchurch and Wellington.
Enjoy the earthy sounds of the didgeridoo and the
thrilling dances of the Māori.  Discover cultural splendors and cerulean beauty on the Indonesian archipelago to Komodo dragon to the modern-day
dragon. From Aborigines to good-natured Aussies

and too numerous superlative people and places
to marvel at in the great lands down under!

There are 21 Itineraries to select from, click here: Down Under, Africa and Asia Plus


All Fares are Per Person

From $ 6,799.00


Grand Voyages from 36 to 93 Days

These epic 'Grand Voyages with Viking Oceans puts the entire globe within reach. Travel around the world on an epic cruise, as your stories unfold and the entire world is there at your fingertips.

Your desires have come to fruition;  numerous

world destination goals to travel to are all here in
one seamless cruise.  Viking Grand Voyages give you the opportunity to explore a vast variety of destinations, combining two or more popular itineraries on one wonderful ocean adventure. Grand Voyages are once-in-a-lifetime crossing a

spectrum, to see the world through a wider lens. Our world cruises circumnavigate the globe, introducing you to one fascinating culture after another and delivering you to the world’s most breathtaking corners of the world. Grand voyages are also full of limitless discoveries, and they are economical because you pay just one airfare as you combine multiple Viking ocean cruises. As you traverse the world’s oceans on one of our epic journeys, you'll be in awe continuously with the endless discoveries you will make along the way. On just one unforgettable journey - and each  is infused with our signature cultural immersion, destination insight and great value.

There are 10 Grand Voyages to view here:

Far East & Alaska 37 Days HKG to Vancouver
from $14,498.00
Australia, Asia & Alaska
79 Days SYD to YVR
from $31,495.00
Grand Pacific Explorer 93 Days AKL to YVR
from $37,994.00
Voyage of Marco Polo 36 Days ATH to BKK
from $11,998.00

Cultural Explorations 50 Days ATH to HKG
from $17,499.00
Ancient Treasures 64 Days Athens to Beijing
Australia, Asia, Europe Beyond 82 Days SYD-LON from $29,999.00
British Isles to East Seaboard 41 Days LON-NYC from $15,999.00
So Pacific + Land Down Under 38 Days LA-SYD from $15,999.00
Americas & Chilean Fjords NYC to LAX
from $29,999.00
        All Grand Voyages  + World Cruises

          Grand Voyages from $11,998.00

Viking Worldwide Grand Voyages

All Fares are Per Person


Viking World Cruise 2019 from $45,995 is 128 Days, 42 Tours, 21 countries.  Sails from Miami to London.  You'll collect more travel milestones than most people do in a lifetime on this grand voyage of discovery. You'll explore five continents, some small villages and of the world’s greatest cities, charming seaports and idyllic islands. Marvel at the natural grandeur of beauti- ful coastlines while you immerse yourself in new cultures. Sample diverse cuisine and enjoy a range of excursions that provide meaningful encounters with real people, insight into their lifestyles, glimpses of the working world, and access to this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Viking World Treasures 2019 from $47,995 is 127 Days, 61 Tours, 33 Countries.  You'll sail from London o Los Angeles and see the British Isles, Ireland, and on to Nordic realms visiting Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland,
before Canada, New York and the Caribbean. Circumnavigate So America and cruise the Amazon. Trace Central America and Mexico’s Pacific coast, truly a World Treasure adventure.

Viking Ultimate World Cruise 2019 - 2020 from $92,990 is 245 Days, 113 Tours, 59 Countries.  Join the Viking Sun as she circum-

navigates the globe and collect more travel mile- stones during one cruise than most people do
in a lifetime. Visiting six continents, some of the
world’s greatest cities and charming smaller sea ports.  Immerse yourself in local cultures with 22 overnight stays in these spectacular destinations. Join this enriching odyssey on this fabulous 245-day Ultimate World Cruise voyage!

Viking World Wonders 2020 from $45,995 is 119 Days, 55 Tours, 27 Countries  that sails from Los Angeles and concludes in London.  Beginning with a South Pacific idyll showcasing French Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia. Then see Asia, from Indonesia to Indochina to India and beyond. Cross the Arabian Sea to the Middle East,
and behold ancient Luxor on the Nile. After land-ing in iconic ports of Malta, Italy, Spain and
Portugal, you arrive in London. Featuring five continents, the World Wonders is unparalleled.

    Follow this link to World and Grand Voyages:  
All Viking World & Grand Voyages

          World Voyages from $45,995.00

Around the World on a Viking Cruise

All Fares are Per Person


Ocean & River Voyages is Viking's unique and definitive way to explore the world in comfort. They're an innovative marriage of our award-winning river and ocean cruises, and enriched
journeys highlighting historic treasures, colorful cultures and seldom-seen sights of both inland and coastal destinations, to enjoy this experience on one seamless itinerary. They're epic voyages that only Viking can provide. 3 Itineraries here:

Rhine + Viking Shores + Fjords, Bergen-Basel
Discover Nordic wonders by sea, then tour high-
lights of the legendary Rhine River.  Embark in
historic Bergen, then visit the dramatic fjord landscapes.  Journey on to charming historic rich towns while cruising to Denmark, the North Sea on to Amsterdam.  Visit Holland's windmills and admire Cologne's Cathedral and stroll along some of the most beautiful German villages, castles, and Strasbourg the EU capital, plus the Black Forest before departing your cruise.

Grand European + Viking Fjords BUD - Bergen

An epic journey from the cultural riches of Buda-
pest to the pristine shores of Norway.  Sail the legendary Danube into Austria’s vineyard-laden Wachau Valley. Traverse the remarkable Main–Danube Canal, sample Germany’s finest wines  and explore elegant palaces and castles along the Rhine. In Kinderdijk and Amsterdam, explore Holland’s famous windmills and waterworks. Sail the North Sea to Denmark. then off for Norway’s dramatic fjords, on to Oslo, Stavanger, spectacu-larscenic Flåm. Disembark in historic Bergen.

Rhine & Amsterdam to Catalonia BSL-BCN
Tour highlights of the legendary Rhine River, then sail to the Iberian Peninsula. Experience cultured Basel before setting sail for Germany’s storied Black Forest and France’s multicultural Strasbourg. Visit Heidelberg Castle, and Rüdes-heim’s inviting Drosselgasse. Admire Cologne’s famous cathedral, and tour Marksburg Castle. In Kinderdijk and Amsterdam, explore Holland's famous windmills and waterworks. Sail the English Channel to magnificent Paris. The across the channel, to call on maritime Portsmouth before cruising down to the Iberian Peninsula.    Discover elegant Galician Vigo and medieval Moorish Granada. Enjoy Murcia’s rich farmlands before disembarking in colorful, Barcelona.

  River and Ocean Voyages from $6,298.00

Land of the Midnight Sun

All Fares are Per Person


Our intimate, inclusive cruise itineraries are designed to help you explore and engage with your destination through its food, culture, the country and its customs. Here are some reasons that Viking makes a difference. Every aspect of your Viking cruise is designed for the curious traveler seeking rich cultural immersion, onboard or on shore, and pre- and post-travel.  With more itineraries in more destinations worldwide, we offer behind-the-scenes insights that set us apart. Besides our included tours of must-see cultural highlights, we share with you our special entry experiences - that otherwise is difficult to visit.
Our onboard cultural enrichment program and your experiences ashore, bring local culture and history to life. Whatever your tastes, we believe dining is an important part of your journey, and our chefs are passionate about food and providing you an enriching culinary experience.  Our cruise fares include more features and services and these all add up to the very best value in cruising.

Cruising by Countries / Rivers of the World:

FranceGermany | Holland | Rhine | Danube
ElbeAustria | Hungary | Holiday 2018 | Portugal
EgyptAsia | ChinaRussia | Ukraine | All Europe
Seine | Rhone | Dordogne 

Viking River Cruises the World

All Fares are Per Person

River Cruises From $1,999.00


This section will contain information about your cruise tour travel with Viking Oceans.  You have everything here at your fingertips to find out about your trip from your flights, to your accom-modations onboard, hotel accommodations on the extensions, all about food on your cruise, and yes they offer gluten free, and everything except for a kosher option.  Everyone's main question is what to wear onboard, and temperatures and all about your pre and post extensions and included shore excursions and of course numerous optional and fabulous excursions not to miss. So let's get going with the important details for traveling abroad.

Passports, Visas & Travel Documents, hotel stays and Travel Protection, and important information on Pre & Post Extensions, there is limited space on these, as you always will have a Viking Rep at hotels, on travel to/from the extensions to your cruise, so please review this information. MORE

Viking offers some great Air Services so please review these and then contact us for more details.
What's Included, review that and then what all guests love in Viking Explorer Society, and Referral Rewards then call us for more details.
Last but good info, Life Onboard & FAQs.

All About Your Viking Ocean Trip

All Fares are Per Person

Optional services at a fee provided onboard.


Viking Enriching Shore Excursions are fabulous, and there are numerous videos here of what to look forward to on your cruise tour adventures.
From the Distinctive Bunad, a Statement of Norwegian Pride to following the Path of the Vikings on Scotland's Orkney Islands, the Dales of Norway, at Home, at Highclere Castle and behind the scenes at Highclere, Shetland Islands and their ponies, Exploring 100 years of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm,  Armagnac and Aquavit, WWII Danish Heroes, the Hanseatic League in Bergen, and Norway's penny loafers!  Discovering lots of Norway traditions and food, and of course goats and goat cheese, famous people around the world that brought us great discoveries, some visits with Royalty, discovering magnificent countries around the world and their  people and traditions, and yes Shakespeare & Co, celebrated his 400th birthday a couple of years ago, Russian's art and culture, explorers, and language lessons for the countries that you'll visit, along with architecture that is so different from our own, and our cradles of civilizations around the world, it's all amazing, interesting and your adventure awaits you on a Viking Oceans cruise.  Join Karine Hagen on these fabulous Oceans itineraries, shore excursions and more:  Viking Insight Shore Excursion Videos

Reykjavik, Iceland

All Fares are Per Person

Optional Excursions Pricing Varies

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