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A visit to Cologne, Germany's  Old Town founded in the 1st c. AD takes you to
the Gothic  Dom, the largest cathedral in Germany and UNESCO Heritage Site. Walk along and admire the Renaissance architecture, with more than thirty museums, it's a cultural and historical experience not to be missed.

Viking Cruises takes you around the world. Cruise the romantic Danube and discover grand cities and quaint villages along Strauss’s 'Blue Danube'; cruise the Rhine, Main, Moselle and Elbe rivers through Germany’s history and picturesque and dramatic landscapes. Cruise France's Seine, Rhone, Dordogne rivers, or cruise the Seine from Paris to Normandy, the Rhone from Lyon to Avignon, from sparkling Paris to the bucolic luscious countryside. The Holland waterways take you to delightful Keukenhof Gardens, the delightful canals of Amsterdam with charming windmills and riots of tulip fields in the springtime. Discover the unique scenic treasures of Europe from your luxurious Viking river cruise longship on Europe’s waterways. Visit Moscow and St. Petersburg's fabulous Russian Palaces or China's world of ancient historical wonders. This all awaits you on a magnificent 7 to 21 night Viking river cruise!  ALL cruise fares are per person.  Get a Quote Now!

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River cruise the rivers of France, along the Seine, the Rhone, Dordogne or Garonne rivers. A Rhone

River or the Saône River bring you into the heart of Burgundy and Provence, which features haute cuisine and fantastic wine, as well as beautiful and bucolic scenery along the rivers.  France’s Seine River will bring cruise visitors through Normandy, with grand monuments of established towns. medieval centers of bustling market towns and sleepy river villages await them.  Visiting the beaches and WWII Memorials and monuments for our very brave young solders from D-Day.  Few countries can rival France for its contributions to world history, culture, language, literature, arts. cuisine and viticulture. France is a must visit!

France Itineraries & Dates
Paris & the Heart of Normandy - Paris RT
Lyon & Provence - Avignon ↔ Lyon
Châteaux, Rivers & Wine - Bordeaux RT
Cities of Light - Paris ↔ Prague
Paris to the Swiss Alps - Paris ↔ Zurich
France’s Finest - Paris ↔ Avignon
           Cruise Fares from $1999.00

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About cruising the low countries of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.  Holland lies mostly below sea level and had devastating flooding. until they created a hydroelectric system to control the vicious North Sea waters, and they did this with a series of dams, dikes, canals and natural waterways.  Now breathtaking vistas of lush green countryside glides by on your cruise. Belgium and Holland has more than 500 bridges and charming canals and fields of flowers that are blooming everywhere in the springtime. The charming windmills, and delightful architecture charms and delights you.  Dutch shoes, cheese and bicycles taking people about their daily business.  Luxembourg's tiny country and people are charming, friendly and much to do and see. All are fascinating and delightful countries to visit, and a do not miss.  Book your Holland cruise now.

Holland & Belgium Itineraries & Fares
Tulips & Windmills  Amsterdam Antwerp RT
Holland + Belgium in Bloom AMS
Antwerp RT
Rhine Getaway  Amsterdam
Grand European Tour  Amsterdam Budapest European Sojourn  Amsterdam Bucharest

             Cruise Fares from $1999.00

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Cruise uncovers the ancient secrets of Egypt long buried in desert sands while experiencing the welcoming culture of today. See the pyramids from astride a majestic camel. Wander among 136 soaring pillars in Karnak Temple. Explore Dendera, one of Egypt's best preserved and less frequented temples. Feel the Nile breeze on your cheeks as you skim its waters by traditional felucca. Delight in the fragrances of Aswan’s spice market. Join Viking and our expert Egyptologists on a 12-day Nile cruise tour into the heart of Egypt. For and even more inclusive and exciting adventure, add a Pre extension to Jerusalem or a Post extension to Jordan, Petra, Dead Sea + Amman for more info . . .

               Egypt Itineraries & Fares

Pharaohs & Pyramids Cairo ↔ Cairo

            Cruise Fares from $5,399.00

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Viking’s definitive way to explore the world in comfort, and they are called Ocean & River Voyages, an innovative marriage of our award-winning river and ocean cruises. Designed for those who want to get the most from our rivers and oceans itineraries, these enriching journeys highlight the historic treasures, colorful cultures and seldom-seen sights of both inland and coastal destinations.  You’ll enjoy the full Viking exper-ience on a seamless itinerary. These are epic voyages that only Viking can provide.  Take advantage of the great Pre and Post extensions for all three great cruise itineraries, they’re not to be missed!    

  Viking River + Ocean Itineraries & Fares
Rhine & Viking Shores+ Fjords  BaselBergen
   Rhine & Amsterdam to Catalonia BSLBCN
 Grand European & Viking Fjords BUD Bergen

            Cruise Fares from $8,898.00

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Cruising along the Rhine, Main, Mosel and Elbe Rivers of Germany passing by lush magnificent green vineyards with so many castles and ruins is a grand experience. Discover the heart of Europe’s delightful and charming towns and cities, docking in the heart of the village or city, then stepping out to start your adventure in the next port!   The Rhine is one of Europe’s major rivers, it is also one of its most beautiful.  Originating in Switzerland flowing towards Basel, then into Germany;s mid Rhine Valley and then flowing out into the North Sea. The river is 820 miles long with important tributaries of the Main and Moselle. Enjoy the treasures of these German rivers.

Germany Itineraries & Dates
Rhine Getaway  Amsterdam
Grand European Tour  Amsterdam
Cities of Light  Paris
Oberammergau, Passion Play  Munich BUD
Elegant Elbe  Berlin
European Sojourn  Amsterdam

         Cruise Fares from $1,999.00

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Visit the renowned wine-growing regions of Portugal on our Douro River cruise, that brings you into Porto and Lisbon cultural centers. A fabulous pre-stay in Lisbon and sightseeing. Transfer to Porto and board your cruise, and sail from Porto to Pinhao on Portugal’s Douro River. Cruising the Douro Valley that was built on wine, the vastness of the viticulture is everywhere, from the lovely hillside vineyards, and barcos rabelos boats laden with casks, bob on the currents of the Douro river. Some 80 riverside wine lodges still age and fortify Port Wines from tawny to white, this is Portugal’s best! On to Regua and Mateaus Palace and her Rose wine.  Onward is Baca d’Alva and the sheer rock formations, terraced vineyards, and dramatic bridges and trestles and dams of this area is amazing. On to Salamanca Spain, an UNESCO Heritage Site, then rejoin your ship in Vega de Terron and sail back to Porto visiting small wine producing villages on the way.  Call for more info on a Douro River cruise at 1-888-666-7279

             Portugal Itineraries & Fares
Portugal's River of Gold            

            Cruise Fares from $2,799.00

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From swirling colorful onion domes and towers at a stop in Red Square for a view of the brightly colored St. Basil’s Cathedral. A visit to the famous GUM Department Store, and to get a chance to experience the city’s Metro.  Attend the city center’s evening performance of traditional Russian folkloric music, or visit the famed Bolshoi Theater. Numerous galleries await you, to illumi-nated Moscow at night,is just part of what makes up Moscow.  Sail on the Neva River into fabulous St. Petersburg, Russia, visit the Winter Palace to tour the legendary Hermitage Museum, where you can envision Peter the Great luxuriating in his massive Peterhof Palace, and the numerous other Palaces of this great home to Russian Tsars. 

      Russia & Ukraine Itineraries & Fares
    Waterways of the Tsars Moscow ↔ St. Pete
        Kiev to the Black Sea  Kiev ↔ Odessa 

            Cruise Fares from $3,699.00

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The Danube river flows through ten countries, and is the longest river in Europe, and part of the heart and soul of Central Europe. Countless cultures and civilizations have used it as a trade route and economic artery. Roman armies traversed its banks. Its bridges have linked nations. It has musicians to write great music, technical engineering and construction created the Main Danube Canal connecting the Rhine, Main and Danube for one continuous waterways to cruise from the North Sea to Black Sea. Vineyards growing and creating prized wines. Find inspiration on one of our many enriching river cruises.  Book a magnificent 2018-19-20 river cruise today.  

Danube Itineraries & Dates
Romantic Danube  Budapest
Grand European Tour  Amsterdam
Danube Waltz   Passau
Passage to Eastern Europe Bucharest
BUD Oberammergau, Passion Play  Munich BUD
European Sojourn  Amsterdam Bucharest
              Cruise Fares from $1,999.00                             
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Share in the Holiday Spirit, both on shore and onboard.  Marvel at the medieval town squares and meander down cobblestone lanes, and the wafting aromas of old-world family recipes from kitchens making hot potatoes, chestnuts, grilled sausages and baked treats. Market stalls offer a delightful array of hand-carved toys, and lovely Christmas ornaments, nutcrackers and colorful woolen scarves. Viking Christmas Market cruises sail from late November to late December!  Help spread the cheer with onboard festivities: and you can bake ginger-bread cookies with our executive chef, or decorate the ship’s Christmas tree and enjoy live, regional holiday music from a local ensemble. This holiday season, immerse yourself

and family and/or friends in the Christmas spirit with  a Viking Christmas Holiday cruise, call for details: 1-888-666-7279.

            Holiday Itineraries & Fares
           About Christmas Markets
     The Holidays on Rhine Getaway Video
           The Holiday on the Danube Waltz
       The Holidays on the Romantic Danube
  The Holidays on Paris & the Heart of Normandy

            Cruise Fares from $1,899.00

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Asia’s rivers have long been the lifeblood of civilizations, their lush banks shaping dynasties and nations. From vibrant green bamboo groves, water farmlands and water buffalos and emerald green vistas rising into misty mountains as you cruise along the Yangtze’s dramatic Three Gorges dam in China, to the lazy sprawling Mekong river in Cambodia and Vietnam. Cruising the Mekong River and Delta, viewing life today that continues the old life styles along these shores.  Tiny villages, floating markets, and centuries-old temples. Select your Viking Asia 2018 - 2020 cruise and add a wonderful Pre or Post extension to discover even more and get the most from your cruise travel vacation.

         China & Asia Itineraries & Fares
Imperial Jewels of China  Beijing ↔ Shanghai
         Roof of the World  Beijing ↔ Shanghai
      Undiscovered China - Shanghai ↔ Beijing 
  Magnificent Mekong Hanoi ↔ Ho Chi Minh City

            Cruise Fares from $3,424.00

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